Day 8 (Sunday 12 July) from Newburn to end of the Hadrian Wall Path Trail at Segedunum Roman Fort, Wallsend.

 Our final days’ trek.

During our 8 days, with diversions and add-on’s to see some features, our total mileage was in excess of 105 miles (measured using GPS). Our average steps per mile work out at over 2,445 x 105 = total in excess of 256,804 steps for 8 days (explains why we have a few blisters!).  We wondered how many kissing gates and stiles (incl. stone steps) we had traversed – using maps in guide book I counted 222 kissing gates gone through and 160 stiles or stone steps climbed over (eek).
Apart from the blisters and sore feet etc we enjoyed the experience and thanks to all for their support and best wishes throughout which helped to keep us motivated.  


The Final Push

We did it! At 13.50pm we staggered into Segedunum and straight to the cafe got a much needed scone. A total of 105 miles later and we had walked the wall. As the national trail meandered endlessly along the Tyne, I thought we’d never make it.

It was really brilliant to walk into the city of Newcastle though. We even saw the Millennium Bridge go up. It is a very vibrant water front and I was a little sad that we couldn’t linger longer.

So Segedunum was reached and we all have our imperial purple badge, certificate and the T-Shirt. We also have a great sense of achievement. However I am really sad it is all over….we saw the very last bit of wall (still in existence) so there is nothing left to plan/walk.

What an amazing journey. Beautiful landscapes, fantastic archaeology and wonderful company. We celebrated with fizz & great food in another lovely spot, Tynemouth Village. I was holding it together until the bar owners mam insisted on buying us a round – equilibrium lost. We even stayed up late.

We all go our separate ways this morning. Bye, bye Teamhadrian2015. I will miss it all even the cows.

And so the journey ends….

Yesterday we entered the outskirts of Newcastle. We looked behind us at one point and saw the crags in the distance. We couldn’t quite believe we had come so far. It was a real achievement. Today we walked into Newcastle. Bit of a culture shock to come from the peaceful Solway firth , through some stunning scenery and end up in Newcastle! We did see the Millenium bridge rising up though and that was awesome. We arrived at out final destination of Segedumun ( try spelling that after fizz and cider) and our journey was over. But we do have the t shirts to prove we done it. I am immensely proud of what we achieved and I will remember the awesome archaeology for a long time to come.

The Final Day: Newburn to Wallsend

We’ve definitely walked the walk! I woke this morning feeling excited, knowing that by tonight are journey would be over. Following the riverside path we made our way into Newcastle.

The quayside was thronged with people enjoying a browse around the Sunday Market. For us, the sight of the bridges marked roughly half way for the day. We paused for refreshments before striding away down river again. As we passed through St Anthony’s Point it was very quiet and felt rural, but signs warning of land contamination gave us clues as to its industrial pass.

Diversion signs for the path made us groan, but fortunately it didn’t add on extra miles and we arrived at Segedunum at 14:00. 

And so the team will spend a last night in Tynemouth before we retreat to the north once more.  It’s been a fabulous experience and I can’t thank my team mates enough for getting me through the tough points- adding that extra special feeling to the whole trip

Day 7: Corbridge to Newburn

Ok- the first part of our walk felt more like a steeple chase with stile, after stile, after stile. Setting of from Bowness a week ago we hadn’t appreciated just how much hurdling was involved!

  We left the last major pieces of Wall and Vallum behind too.
 There was a subtle shift in the landscape too moving from arable to more urban. Tonight we are at The Keelman, Newburn, which is buzzing with people. Maybe the walk into Newcastle city centre won’t be quite as an abrupt culture shock as I’d anticipated after all

Corbridge to Newburn

Well! If only we had known?! Our taxi driver told us that Corbridge was the epitome of NE chic and The Angel (where we ate) was the haunt of the uber rich and lovely… was quite chi-chi. That is about all I will say for it (45 minutes for our main course to arrive) i’ll bet Lord MacAlpine and Alan Davis (locals) don’t have to wait that long!! Apparently, I was sitting in Alan’s seat in the taxi this morning, a thought which put much needed pep in my step.

We all made it to Newburn in cracking time and tonight’s accommodation is a micro-brewery, so can’t wait to get clean and sample the local brew. It was a lovely walk out of a Corbridge and down into the Tyne valley. The weather was perfect and we had tea shops along the way.
We said goodbye to the countryside and the wall at Heddon on the Wall, although we did go around in circles in Heddon, so it felt like we might never leave. The signage is getting hokier. Although, at least we weren’t like the poor chap that we met near Chesters, who had muddled his National Trails and ended up following Hadrian’s Wall, not The Pennine Way.

Dropping down on to the Tyne was a heavy reminder that our adventure is nearly over…..that being said, lots of people seem surprised that we are pushing on through the city! Perhaps our adventures are simply about to begin. I hear the natives can be a bit frisky!!
Wish us luck!