Corbridge to Newburn

Well! If only we had known?! Our taxi driver told us that Corbridge was the epitome of NE chic and The Angel (where we ate) was the haunt of the uber rich and lovely… was quite chi-chi. That is about all I will say for it (45 minutes for our main course to arrive) i’ll bet Lord MacAlpine and Alan Davis (locals) don’t have to wait that long!! Apparently, I was sitting in Alan’s seat in the taxi this morning, a thought which put much needed pep in my step.

We all made it to Newburn in cracking time and tonight’s accommodation is a micro-brewery, so can’t wait to get clean and sample the local brew. It was a lovely walk out of a Corbridge and down into the Tyne valley. The weather was perfect and we had tea shops along the way.
We said goodbye to the countryside and the wall at Heddon on the Wall, although we did go around in circles in Heddon, so it felt like we might never leave. The signage is getting hokier. Although, at least we weren’t like the poor chap that we met near Chesters, who had muddled his National Trails and ended up following Hadrian’s Wall, not The Pennine Way.

Dropping down on to the Tyne was a heavy reminder that our adventure is nearly over…..that being said, lots of people seem surprised that we are pushing on through the city! Perhaps our adventures are simply about to begin. I hear the natives can be a bit frisky!!
Wish us luck!


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