The Final Day: Newburn to Wallsend

We’ve definitely walked the walk! I woke this morning feeling excited, knowing that by tonight are journey would be over. Following the riverside path we made our way into Newcastle.

The quayside was thronged with people enjoying a browse around the Sunday Market. For us, the sight of the bridges marked roughly half way for the day. We paused for refreshments before striding away down river again. As we passed through St Anthony’s Point it was very quiet and felt rural, but signs warning of land contamination gave us clues as to its industrial pass.

Diversion signs for the path made us groan, but fortunately it didn’t add on extra miles and we arrived at Segedunum at 14:00. 

And so the team will spend a last night in Tynemouth before we retreat to the north once more.  It’s been a fabulous experience and I can’t thank my team mates enough for getting me through the tough points- adding that extra special feeling to the whole trip


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