Day 8 (Sunday 12 July) from Newburn to end of the Hadrian Wall Path Trail at Segedunum Roman Fort, Wallsend.

 Our final days’ trek.

During our 8 days, with diversions and add-on’s to see some features, our total mileage was in excess of 105 miles (measured using GPS). Our average steps per mile work out at over 2,445 x 105 = total in excess of 256,804 steps for 8 days (explains why we have a few blisters!).  We wondered how many kissing gates and stiles (incl. stone steps) we had traversed – using maps in guide book I counted 222 kissing gates gone through and 160 stiles or stone steps climbed over (eek).
Apart from the blisters and sore feet etc we enjoyed the experience and thanks to all for their support and best wishes throughout which helped to keep us motivated.  


Day 7 (Saturday, July 11th): Corbridge to Newburn

c. 14.5 miles our penultimate day. Wallsend (Newcastle) is finally in our sight.  Mixed feelings today – both sad that our walk was nearly finished and happy that we are heading home on Monday, footsore but with our goal achieved. Tomorrow (Sunday) our walk ends at the Segedunum Roman Fort, Wallsend.



Day 5: Humshaugh

……. and a well deserved drink at the end of the day at the local Crown Inn, literally 50 yards from B&B – which is a good job as don’t think any of us could have crawled any further!