And so the journey ends….

Yesterday we entered the outskirts of Newcastle. We looked behind us at one point and saw the crags in the distance. We couldn’t quite believe we had come so far. It was a real achievement. Today we walked into Newcastle. Bit of a culture shock to come from the peaceful Solway firth , through some stunning scenery and end up in Newcastle! We did see the Millenium bridge rising up though and that was awesome. We arrived at out final destination of Segedumun ( try spelling that after fizz and cider) and our journey was over. But we do have the t shirts to prove we done it. I am immensely proud of what we achieved and I will remember the awesome archaeology for a long time to come.



……archaeology! Yesterday we finished our epic climbing of the crags and the archaeology was some of the best I have seen in a long while. It was stunning. And exactly what I had imagined in my head the wall would look like. I will never forgot it. Today was a short trip to Corbridge. Lovely place. We stopped off at Chester’s Roman Fort on the way. It was amazing!


Yesterday was my toughest day both physically and emotionally. The rain hardly ever stopped and the walking/ and climbing was very tough. The archaeology was to die for though. Stunning! The accommodation was fantastic too. Four-poster bed with servants bed at the bottom Moyra has been a good little servant so far. Dried my boots, served me my coffee and tended my bleeding feet. Still waiting for her to wake up and make me my coffee. You just can’t get the staff these days ………


Well yesterday the blisters were nearly forgotten about as we saw our first visible remains of the wall! Throw in some turrets and a signal tower and you had 4 pretty happy campers! A visit to Birdsoswald Roman camp was the icing on the cake. I have wanted to see the wall for so long now and I am truly in Roman heaven..


Cows again!

We had a fine start to yesterday with a lovely visit to Tullie House museum in Carlisle where we got to handle some pretty cool artefacts. Short stroll, well 9 miles, to our next destination was good except we couldn’t find the cake shop. Disaster! An encounter with yet more cools had me forgetting about my blisters and legging it across the field. Moyra was most impressed at my speed. I have been promised some bits of wall today. Cant wait!

Our first day

Today finally arrived and we were away on our journey by 9am. It was a very pleasant mornings walk along the Solway firth. Finding it hard to get used to the free roaming cows. We had a couple of hairy moments with our bovine friends but survived to tell the tale. This trip is the first time that I have encountered Honesty Boxes which are boxes etc full of drinks snacks and ice cream to which you just help yourself and leave the money,/donation Read More

The adventure begins…..

We are all safely here at Bowness-on-Solway. Ita a beautiful, tranquil little place. Its a good job we are not finishing here as it wouldn’t be that tranquil as I would be moaning constantly about my sore feet. Had my first glimpse of the wall today. Cant wait to get started tomorrow.