Penultimate Day

Yesterday was short but sweet. A great morning at Chesters (with cake) and a long ascent from Chollerford to St Oswalds Hill (and another tea shop). St Oswalds Chapel & cross lie on the site of a battle and the original wooden cross was erected by Oz and is now associated with miracles. I am happy to report another, as I made a plea for a cool breeze (the day was killing hot and humid – not good walking weather). As we left the Heavenfield, a gentle breeze blew up providing a bit of relief.

We then headed off over the hill, enjoying our last view of the crags and Winshield, now very distant. It was a poignant moment. We have all come a long way and we are less than 48 hrs from Wallsend. It is such an achievement but I will be sad that our wanderings are over. I feel really privileged to have been able to walk across this fantastic countryside, wall or no wall.

We have a grand B&B in Corbridge, a beautiful little town which I will return to with a car and a credit card. Moy & I squeezed out a final archaeology fix by visiting Corbridge Roman town. So glad we made the effort as we paraded down the high street and wondered down once covered pavements. The museum was very good too.

Looking forward to our 14 miler today and the micro-brewery at the end of it.


A new day

Waking up to a new day with the anticipation of what lies ahead is good. This morning I can also hear chickens chuckling around- a reminder of home. A leisurely coffee also offers time to reflect on previous days. To walk the Wall in one go is fantastic, but the down side is, unless you have a long period to do it in, you can never linger too long in one place. I’m already planning sorties to the major sites again, but for now, am going to enjoy our penultimate day.

Day 6: Humshaugh to Corbridge

Another amazing day! I’ve run out of adjectives to describe how brilliant the trek has been. Yes we are tired, our knees ache and our feet are blistered, but I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Today we had a short walk so began with a couple of hours around Chesters Fort. I’m really taken with Roman plumbing and the bath house is very well preserved here.

  Wall niches for clothing or statues in the changing rooms and flushing system for the latrine (below)
Then the final push, a big climb out of Chollerford safe in the knowledge it’s pretty much downhill all the way to Newcastle. Looking back at the crags we realised just what a long way we’ve traveled.

Staying the night in the pretty town of Corbridge. Jane and I dived into the Roman town. Bewildering in its complexity, and definitely need more than an hour there!


……archaeology! Yesterday we finished our epic climbing of the crags and the archaeology was some of the best I have seen in a long while. It was stunning. And exactly what I had imagined in my head the wall would look like. I will never forgot it. Today was a short trip to Corbridge. Lovely place. We stopped off at Chester’s Roman Fort on the way. It was amazing!

Day 5: Humshaugh

……. and a well deserved drink at the end of the day at the local Crown Inn, literally 50 yards from B&B – which is a good job as don’t think any of us could have crawled any further!