The Final Push

We did it! At 13.50pm we staggered into Segedunum and straight to the cafe got a much needed scone. A total of 105 miles later and we had walked the wall. As the national trail meandered endlessly along the Tyne, I thought we’d never make it.

It was really brilliant to walk into the city of Newcastle though. We even saw the Millennium Bridge go up. It is a very vibrant water front and I was a little sad that we couldn’t linger longer.

So Segedunum was reached and we all have our imperial purple badge, certificate and the T-Shirt. We also have a great sense of achievement. However I am really sad it is all over….we saw the very last bit of wall (still in existence) so there is nothing left to plan/walk.

What an amazing journey. Beautiful landscapes, fantastic archaeology and wonderful company. We celebrated with fizz & great food in another lovely spot, Tynemouth Village. I was holding it together until the bar owners mam insisted on buying us a round – equilibrium lost. We even stayed up late.

We all go our separate ways this morning. Bye, bye Teamhadrian2015. I will miss it all even the cows.


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